Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Simon Cowell update

Here's a more finished sketch of Simon Cowell, I'm going to start painting tomorrow. Any comments are welcome.

Sketch of Simon Cowell


Jon Casey said...

Damnnnn dan
you nailed the likeness, and its funny.
he looks so nice ??!?

THe body looks a bit thick for the arm, or maybe the other way around? It could all work out when its painted but maybe just making the hand a bit bigger would add to it.

cool to see you working on stuff!

Jill Smith said...

Its just great now, all of his character showS in his face.
Why don't you contact him annd sell him it for a high amount. I read that he is the second highest earner gainst the president in the US.

Dan said...

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I've had a few comments about the hand/arm needing to be a bit bigger. I'll see what I can do with it before I start painting.