Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gary -- Caricature Lesson 3

Here's the Gary value painting for Caricature lesson 3 -- Jason did the actual caricature, and I did the painting. I think he's a little too dark overall, but this was a very good exercise. Looking forward to lesson 4, where we get to do value paintings of our own caricatures!


arquebus said...
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arquebus said...

Your painting looks really good when you click to enlarge it. But I think you are missing some shading gradient on the side of the face that makes it seem like its all one solid color with just highlights in certain places, so it doesnt look as good when viewed as a small pic. But really good though, you have good painting technique.

sry for deleted post, there is no post editing feature.

fatjester said...

I agree - The strokes look really good up close, but the transitions from light to dark get really quick in the reduced version.

I had a similar problem in Bobby's class, and keeping a smaller version of the painting open helped a lot.
If you missed that tip in Jason's demo - in photoshop it's Window > Arrange > New Window for...

That way you can always paint in a big window, but see how it looks in the smaller one at the same time.

Great work, and I'm sure you'll only get better through the class!

idragosani said...

Thanks guys. As I said in my assignment notes, I did the painting 'straight through' following Jason's methods and wished, too late, I had used instead what I learned with 'painting through darkness' from Bobby's class instead. Oh, well. You gotta get the crappy pictures out of your system before the good ones starting coming out. :-)

I do use the extra window for looking at my painting, BTW. It was kinda weird, though, that the second zoom window was lighter in tone than my main window, and it must have thrown me off, probably because I use two monitors and I guess there are differences in their color temperatures. Something to be careful with for lesson 4!