Sunday, May 25, 2008


Still working on this one. Since values have always been my biggest challenge, I'm going with the grayscale rendering and then color afterward. She's a very tough caricature in my opinion. Reference photos are tough because she has different hair in every one as well as different weight and different levels of airbrushing by whomever took the photo. Hopefully I'm getting the likeness, here.

As usual...any critique is welcomed.


idragosani said...

The big hair is great.

This piece is coming along quite well.

I'm in the midst of value paintings from Jason's class. He is making us work our butts off!

Bobby Chiu said...

hahaha... that's awesome!

arquebus said...

Nice work, you really bring out a lot of personality.

I have a question for you, I notice you have a copyright in the bottom of your painting. Can you briefly tell me how you go about copyrighting your work? Do you have to submit all your copyrighted work to a lawyer or something?

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Copyright notice...I borrowed that practice recently from Seiler. I noticed he does it on his blog postings. Technically, your work is copyright as soon as you create it, but theft on the Internet does happen and it never hurts to have an added note.

I don't submit my stuff to a would cost a fortune to register every piece you create, not to mention the time it would take.

In the U.S. (and all over the Internet) there is a lot of talk about the Orphaned Works Bill currently before legislators. From what I've read...most artists don't understand it, but that isn't stopping the incredible flood of opinion on the matter from everyone with access to a keyboard. If you're curious about it, research it on the net, but be prepared to spend a LOT of time on it and still not being sure what it's all about.

arquebus said...

Thanks for that info. And yes I have seen a lot of discussian about the Orphan Works Bill on the cgsociety forums. And youre right, its hard to figure out, but in short it looks like publishers will be able to nab anything they see posted on the internet.

Patrick LaMontagne said...

No, that's the propaganda of the bill...they can't just grab what they want and use it. This is stuff that's being said out there by people who've yet to read the bill. Yes, it's a bad bill, but it's not even close to being that Orwellian.

idragosani said...

My take on the bill is that it creates limits on how long someone needs to track down a copyright holder before they can make the claim the work is orphaned. Obviously a lot of room for abuse -- someone can claim they looked and looked and couldn't determine the copyright status or holder for a piece of work.

The first time this goes to court will be interesting.