Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caricature lesson 1

Here are some bits from my assignment for lesson 1 of Jason's caricature class. I recently got a 9x12 Wacom tablet and am finding it much easier to use than the old Graphire4 4x6 tablet, which had a drawing area of about the size of a photograph.


Fareeda Haider said...

Hi :)

Nice art, your outlines are great :) One of the faces belongs to some one famous, is it Tom Hanks, hope I am right :) Good luck and looking forward to see more :)

idragosani said...

Yep, it is Tom Hanks.

dan said...

Hey these guys look familiar! I took this course last time around and it was amazing. These look great, but you'll be amazed at your improvement over the next 9 weeks. Enjoy it!

James Sutton said...

I've been trying to find this guy for ages and see what kinda style he had in store..

Nice art, Louie.