Friday, May 30, 2008

any thoughts on lesson 5?

I just watched lesson 5 and it looks like things are getting pretty technical. If anyone has any thoughts or experiences on choosing a palate, I'll be curious to hear it


idragosani said...

Urgh... I'm still trying to get lesson 4 done... haven't even finished watching lesson 5 yet!

What aspects of creating a palette are you having issues with? I think the split complementary palette is neat -- never come across it before.

arquebus said...

"What aspects of creating a palette are you having issues with?"

It just doesnt make sense to me. Ive been doing some websearches on color theory and I end up getting pages like this:
that dont really tell me anything. I was reading this one site that says split complementary is used because all the colors have a mixture of the other colors, so they mix better without desaturating. I dont know, I just think it would be easier to mix colors with the primary triad.

idragosani said...

Well, I think you need to experiment and see what works best... I'd try some thumbnail paintings using different palettes.

fatjester said...

Hello Arqeubus,
Mixing with with the primary colors in a digital form would give you the ability to create millions of colors (or any color you see in phototshop).

Working with a limited palette forces you to simplify and make artistic judgments. This may sound limiting, but most artists find it focusing as it will yield harmonious results.

Just like painting in black and white is even a more simplified/focused method, focusing your palette like this allows you to get good looking results without having to try to make millions of color choices.

As you progress beyond a simplified palette, you can try painting with all the colors available, but it will definitely be much harder.

I hope that helps a bit :)

arquebus said...

fatjester- Thanks for that info, Im slowly catching on to this idea. But if you mix two complementary colors they cancel each other out, so basically you are locked into just those two colors. Whereas Jason was seemed able to get a lot of mixed colors despite the fact that the main color and the two split opposites are almost opposite. Im just thinking it is going to be very difficult mixing colors.