Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wip stuff

I'm reworking the whole piece...i've seen jason's macy and realized it can be much better...His work is always inspiring..i'll show you soon!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Schoolism on tour

When our instructors aren't chained to their desks putting out new work or critiquing ours, looks like they go on tour!

Had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Chiu and Stephen Silver yesterday at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, my first time at a comic convention. While I'm not a collector or reader of comics these days, I went in the hopes of being inspired since a lot of the booths were those belonging to artists. I definitely wasn't disappointed. Some very talented individuals there and I'll be returning next year.

Thanks to Bobby and Stephen for being so gracious with their time. Really was a pleasure to meet you both.

And continuing on...

Eeeeerr, this'll be a test, guess who? Anyway there was something missing in my life and I realised it was the weekly assignment from Jason. Gee I'll miss that course.

I think I'll take this one beyond sketch form.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Painting art blog

Hey team schoolism-
Along with practicing the art of caricature, and taking Jason Seiler's wonderful class, I also paint in a more contemporary fine art vein (you know, the kind that doesnt pay at all). Maybe some of you are into that as well? If so, check out my blog-

Jon Casey Clary

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Big Sleep!

I'm finishing a bunch of new paintings for my book which will be out in June! This is one that I'm currently working on, a parody from "The Big Sleep". I love Bogie as well as the look of his films, but mostly Bogart's expressions and physical appearance . . . this is still mostly a block in, a bit more work left before I'll call it finished.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Redo of old artwork

After a year of taking classes at schoolism and working on improving my art skills I thought it would be kind of fun to go back and recreate some of my art from just a year ago to see how much I have improved.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Final assignment :Takeshi Kitano

It's sad the course is over.Gonna miss jas0n's custom deadlines and crits and stuff.
Jason's help has been priceless.Learning from your crits , amazing.You guys are all talented and hope you do well.
It's been a pleasure!...

...working with you guys that is!
This is my final. If you're wondering why he's holding a toy gun, it's because I designed the image to fit an article about Donald being a big fan of his sons' show 24.
There's a few things I'd work on with more time - but I think it's an ok stopping point.
I've really been blown away by some of the final paintings - awesome work guys!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wine anyone?

Im a part of a non-profit arts collective holding a benefit dinner tom. night, at $75 a ticket! Should be fun, even though none of my friends can afford to come. We were asked to design a wine bottle, theres a raffle for them....
thanks will!
Just details left tomorrow. 
How does Jason do this AND raise kids?
If anyone has a suggestion on the color, it got too saturated from the overlays and multiplies, but if I just drop the sat. it looks like no good. I'll do some over-painting tom.

Coach Jim Tressel (Newest Version)

So here 's the new and final version of my Coach Tressel piece. Everyone had great comments on how to improve this to make it better so please let me know if there is anything else I can work on to strengthen this image.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sexy man

I enjoyed seeing some of these as works in progress, and so I wanted to put up Will. 
Two days left to finish the color and details, theres not much time! 
Loved the course, I hope we can all keep track of each other's success in the future.

Indiana Jones and The Last Post

The final piece...which means aside from the critique...I guess it's all over. I'll miss it because I really loved this course. That being said, I'm pretty excited about taking the next step and getting some caricature work in magazines. This is going off to the printer tomorrow for postcards, and then it's in the mail by Monday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cereal Monster

This is an image I'm working on for a promotional piece and a possible idea for a childrens book. Wanted to post it and see what others think of it.

The classes at schoolsim have helped so much. I've taken all three classes so far and already signed up for the storyboarding class. Each class helps you grow as an artist and forces you to open your mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking and working.

Bend it in Black and White

Hope everyone recognises who this is - I can't believe how different a caricature looks from sketch to final painting! Unlike my first colour assignment, I've been inspired by everyone else to do the wash colour method, so here is my black and white version.

After a pretty rough couple of weeks I'm gonna be trying to fly home on fire! Looking forward in hearing everyone's thoughts before I begin the colour.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indiana Jonesin' for some color

Talk about your tough act to follow!
I'll be a 'not-yet-ready-for-MAD-magazine' player for quite some time to come, I'm sure. :)

While I normally wouldn't go this far with a grayscale rendering, I just couldn't help myself. I was having too much fun and wanted to see how far I could go without adding any colour. I've realized that I could probably go another month, but then I'd be adding individual stitches to the clothing, and each freckle on his face. And really, there's no point to that. I took out the texture in the whip (except for the the part in his hand) because it was distracting, and was way too crisp, so I blurred it up and I think it was the right choice.

Colour will be done by the 17th...it has to be as that's the deadline. I'll be sorry to see this one end, but since it's going to be my postcard submission to magazines, I'm looking forward to seeing it dropped into the mail.

Sad to see this course ending.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in MAD magazine . . . Big Whoop!

MAD 489, on stands now! I can finally share this with the world . . . I painted this a year ago, so it's great to finally see it in print! Been a dream of mine since I was 9 or 10, to draw for MAD, so it feels great to finally look through an issue with my work in it. My favorite part about the whole thing was working with art director Sam Vivano, he's a great art director, and I hope to work with MAD more in the future just so I can continue to learn from Sam. It's a fantastic issue, has great work in it from Hermann Mejia . . . worth the whole $4.99 just for his stuff!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick Cafe Sketch Video! (Jason Seiler)

Hello everyone, wanted to share something a bit different, thought it would be fun to watch. These are some sketches I did really quick while sitting at Pollo Loco, Chipotles and the Emergency Room . . . . my daughter was really sick last week, was at the doctors quite a bit, she's much better now! These are really fun to do because the people I'm sketching don't even consider that I may be drawing them. They see a laptop and think I'm typing or something of the sort . . . even still, people do not sit still for any great length of time, the first two I drew got up and left in the middle of me sketching . . . I know, rude right? The music is Wilco, enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

OK not the biggest celebrity, just the head coach of The Ohio State football team, but if you live in Columbus Ohio like I do you can't go anywhere in this city and not see an Ohio State Buckeye flag. This city is crazy about football and in two weeks when the team has it's inner squad scrimmage at the Horseshoe (the Stadium) there will be 50,000 fans there watching, and it's just a practice game. The Horseshoe holds over 100 thousand fans and is an impressive site to see when it's sold out (which is everygame.) I hope to have this picture of Jim Tressel the head football coach ready before the season starts and see if any local paper or magazines would be interested in more of this kind of work. Maybe even get a chance to draw some of the players.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bruce Willis Final

Thought I'd share my final Bruce Willis painting too. I did some work on it after Jason's critique.

Bruce Willis Caricature

Bruce Willis Caricature Detail

A Journey Through Time and Space...

Here's my final sketch for the illustration assignment - Vince and Howard from The Mighty Boosh (if you've never heard of it you should check it out!) Looking forward to seeing everyone else's work, there's some great sketches going on here!

Mighty Boosh Caricature Sketch

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Indy Progress

Some more detail on the face but it isn't finished yet. While the reference photos I used don't have stubble, Indy usually does, so I'll add that in when I'm happy with everything else. Still want to do some more skin texturing as well.

Finished the initial body sketch yesterday, didn't take too long. The sketch was done on paper and scanned in. I put the scan on it's own layer, lowered the opacity to about 10% and drew over it with a pencil brush on another layer, cleaning up the anatomy a little.

I copied the head rendering over and placed it on the body, then cut the head and collar from the neck and scaled it down to make a better transition between the larger head and the smaller body. I'll now paint the body in using the head and the reference photo I took as a values guideline.

I'll add the whip to his right hand after everything else is done. To get a nice curve, I'll do the majority of that with a stroked path on it's own layer and then put details in on the whip.

Working image size is 11" X 15" at 300 ppi.

Ahem...let's see some more posts, people! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Indy Progress

Still working on the head here. I've started on my body reference sketches, but I wanted to put more time into the head shot just to make sure I had it right before moving on.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What do you guys think about this? Please try to ignore the roughness, but the smaller eyes and forehead help, or hurt?
I think with just a bit of help ill be ready to get to the next step, thanks to anyone who can spare a minute!


Hey guys- 
working on will Ferrell here. My first few sketches went nowhere, so I put some more time in and  came up with this... still needs work!

 I think the mouth still has a bit of work to be done-- eyes too?

I thought maybe I could use this forum to get some critique... so any suggestions will be useful!
Sorry about the rough photo- scanners out of commission and the inks too shiny for the camera.

Bobby Chiu - Week 5

It took 5 hours. Did it in the last day and sent at 11:00... So the face is not finished and the background is not want I wanted to do, but, there was no time. What a pity I could not work more on it! While working I got lost in the possibilities and experiments; I must say it is such a valuable technique especially combined with the other ones. Because I was such in a hurry, I forgot to flip it back; I realized that just too late. Anyway, I think I am going to finish it the way I felt doing it, (more smudge and stuff), and I will post it with my next assignment:) - PS: please feel free to drop your WORST critics on my work because I am always very interested in that!!

Like FatJester I will be here for quite a while because I took character design and storyboarding too. I need to say also that I have a serious problem with my internet connection and I hope it will be solved for good this week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Week 5 - The Smudge Technique

Week 5 - The Smudge Technique

Week 5, a lot accomplished!
I am really looking for some time to apply all this knowledge to my own artwork and let my feeble brain truly absorb this info, but time is tight...

I'm really enjoying the learning process again, and thanks the value I'm getting out of Bobby's class and the awesome art coming from Jason's students in his caricature class (displayed on this blog), I've dropped the cash for his course as well, so I'll be around here for a while.

Thanks to all for sharing!

Couldn't decide....

Hi guys. Well I couldn't choose between these 3 guys for assignment 7 so I sketched all 3. I think the "Clooney" is the least exaggerated . I am leaning towards Vince Vaughn at this point because he's got a great face to caricature with that double chin and thise triple bags under his eyes. I like all of thes guys as actors ...especially Vaughn and Baldwin....so this is tough....what do you guys think??