Monday, March 31, 2008

Inaction hero

I just spent a little over an hour, balanced on two chairs, with my shirt half open, pretending I'm Indiana Jones, striking bad action pose after bad action pose as my wife took photo after photo of me, while she tried not to laugh. She failed, by the way. She got to laugh again as we sorted through the 50 or so reference photos, three of which were passable, and ONE was good enough to base my caricature pose on.

Here's what I learned...I need a new camera. Mine is too old.

I already go to the gym three times a week...after seeing these photos, I now need to go FIVE times a week.

I have a whole new respect for actors and models.

This caricature business is just so freakin' glamorous. :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jones...Dr. Jones.

Harrison Ford...and the final concept will be Indiana Jones. Real shocker there, I know.
Busy busy week, personally and professionally, and didn't get to devote as much to these as I would have liked. I spent four or five hours on the third likeness on Friday and it just never came together...couldn't get it to look like him. I probably chose the wrong reference photo for that one or just couldn't see what I needed to, so I only handed in two.

I noticed this morning that I have no detail whatsoever in the left caricature's neck. DOH! The final image will likely be a blend of these two, as the left one has the age I was looking for, but the right one a little more of the expression I wanted, but too Han Solo-ish on it's own, I think.

Not looking forward to Jason's critique on this. :)
I chose Donald!.....

Well for my Assignment 7 I chose to draw Donald Sutherland - heres a few of my attempts!
I'm not quite sure yet what scenario I'll put him in for assignment 8!
Who did everyone else do?!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week 4 - Working with textures (part 2)

Week 4 - Working with Textures (part 2)

I had trouble with the rocks, I just couldn't get them to seem like they fit - they either ended up too photographic, or too painterly. I think if I would have spent more time placing the texture, it would have integrated better. Overall I like the effects that came out of this lesson though.

Off to start the next lesson!

Bobby Chiu - Week 4

Hello everybody, as usual here is my weekly assignment. This time really nothing fancy. The rocks were a challenge for me. I got 3 versions - this is the last one. I would have added more light down on it, but it was always quite hard to make it look right so I let it this way. The rabbit - I just kept it technical and a little bit minimal. I am also curious what my classmates did - Hey guys, it is just a blog, you know...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lesson 6's citizen sketches

It's getting more and more challenging and I'm loving it! Boy these final weeks are gonna be tough. Great work everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

3 heads

My take on the boys....

Skin and Bones

My final images for Lesson 6. I think I'll take a nap, now. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all going to my head?

So here's some of my skulls and heads or caricatures. Bill was very hard to draw. The one version at the top of the page was my 6th try and I decided not to even look at the picture of Bill and just draw from memory. Why did I create a game out of this? I don't know, it's late, it's Friday night, I'm just entertaining myself with this right now. I hope everyone can figure out the answers easily or I'm going to have to practice a lot more.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Skulls but no crossbones...

Well here's my assignment 6 - thoroughly enjoyed this one.
I am totally impressed by Bobby Chiu's students work, and the new class looks awesome too!
Yep, I'd definitely love to do every course on Schoolism, there's some really exciting stuff and incredible teachers too.

Storyboarding with Kris Pearn

Storyboarding with Kris Pearn
Course Description: What is the key to success in visual storytelling? A willingness to collaborate, the flexibility to evolve, and an understanding of the basic rules of cinematography…these three points will be the focus of this course. The best way to learn how to storyboard is by storyboarding, and here you will be provided with focused assignments and opportunities to do just that. With Kris Pearn as your instructor/ virtual pretend director, you will learn in a studio environment and feel what it’s like to send ideas rocketing across the room. We all have stories to tell, and whether you have ambitions to tell these stories in live action, animation, or hard copy mediums, such as comics, this course will help you to develop those muscles of communication so that your ideas will have an opportunity to shine.

Lessons: 9 lessons in 9weeks
Start Date: August 5, 2008
Fees: $998 USD
Pre-Requisites: None.


Please leave any comments or questions you have about this course and we will be happy to answer them.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bobby Chiu - Week 3 - His name is Pookey!

Hello Everybody. Crazy week for me here. So crazy assignment I did. Nothing planed, it just happened along the way. I really think sometimes I am a very very very big idiot when it comes to love. So when doing this assignment, I could not keep feelings aside. So here I did it. Bobby's creature just made me think of how small stuff and love can kill. 
In the beginning I thought I will hate the technique, because I love the line in the drawing, but it proved to be very cool! I like it. Took me something like 7 hours. During all night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 3 - Working with Textures

Week 3 - Working with Textures

Week 3 is here, and a brand new technique learned! I had honestly never heard of this technique for painting with textures before, and I have worked with photoshop for a long time. I did misstep in the process and had to start over, but I love the results!

Thanks to all for the kind words, and all the outstanding art! I love seeing everything that's coming out of this group!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Clare's Bruce Willis palette

Bruce Willis too

(Jason, here is my palette):

And since i'm here, i'm posting my Bruce Willis too :)

Lesson 5 Critique

I just watched my Lesson 5 critique on my Bruce Willis painting...I think I'm going to become a welder...sigh.

Just kidding! I don't know what I learn more from, the lessons or the critiques. Kelly was right when she said this is the new way to learn. Where else do you get one on one focus like this on your own work? Now, if only I could take these courses full-time and not have to do that whole 'work' thing that keeps distracting me.

Bobby Tech - week 3

Here's another one from techniques taught by Mr Chiu.

Hope you like.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Holy Focus, Batman

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that Jason can do the artwork he does with a siren going outside his window every half hour?! I know he said he lives by a fire station in Chicago, but I would go absolutely nuts!! :)

Bruce in technicolor....

Well this is how far I got for the deadline yesterday. I think I learned enough to actually use this combination technique going forward but I'm not 100% happy with the final result - I think it could go a little further. I used the glazing technique Jason taught using his "little brother" painting. I found I had to dull down the 3 colors using black and white before I started to prevent it looking to "garish". I also flattened and painted directly into it a little at the end. I still need to work on this process as I fumbled around a lot. I do think this is a really great technique allowing you to concentrate on values first and color later. Before Jason's lesson I had tried this technique before but could never elevate it past looking like a "colorized" black and white photograph which is where the painting opaque on top in some areas comes in. Thanks to Jason for another great lesson. Great stuff from everyone this week - I can't believe there's only 4 assignments left - time to kick it in gear!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just For Fun . . .

I made a color wheel from red, blue, and yellow inks, over at my mom's studio. Here are the results.

okay so here is my bruce after tweaking. This is the version I ended up submitting so I hope it is better than my last post :p Everyone has done SUCH an amazing job, it has been great to see everyone develop and grow. This is so the future of education and we are part of it . . . *tears up*

All done!

I enjoyed this one a lot, almost as much as being done with it...
This week included losing all my sketches and the first Bruce to a system overhaul ("Hey, man, your computer would work soooo much better with this new version of Leopard....") 
Which may be true, but I've been locked out of it for the whole week...

.... yeah, save the upgrades for off days.
So I've been sneaking into a local school's computer lab and hiding out for the past three days.
Good times!  

swallowed by deadline...

Has been a crazy week for me.Just been able to work a few hours on the assignement. Consider that a blocking...10 hours more and will be finished xD.Anyway,hope you like .You all guys are doing amazing stuff.Proud to be part of these class.Love to see your critiques and awesome works.

Final Bruce

Well here's my final image. There's some things that I like and don't like. Can't wait to see all the other versions.

The Return of Bruno

OK, I have to quit now. As mentioned before, I've been nitpicking this to death, I have to submit it and move on. But truth be told, I could probably work on this for another week. That's why deadlines exist I teach us to say when. I've attached the photo ref as well

Black and white Bruce!

Working on that color, I'll post that up soon.
Great seeing everyone's work and reading the comments!

Values....still finishing color....

I'm still working on the final color accents tonight after work but I finished the values 2 days ago so here's that. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to exaggerate and didn't feel confident in my original sketch so decided to get a final value painting. I'm using a combo of the 2 painting methods Jason taught by tinting (or glazing) first over the value underpainting and opaque color for basically a traditional fat over lean.

What choo talk'n 'bout Willis?

Here's my Bruce. I used split-complimentary technique with blue-green, orange red and yellow. I'm really impressed with the power that comes from a limited palette. I'm also impressed that Bruce's mouth can live on one side of his face.

...And More Bruce!

Hey guys this is my submission. I decided on a blue green dominant and a red and orange split (something like that it escapes me now). It was alot of fun and I love how everyone interprets this guy. He was difficult!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Bruce

Pretty much finished. I'm still tweaking but figured I'd add to the mix. Anyone see any glaring issues? I tried keeping the values darker as suggested and blocked in more. The color was tough because he has a pretty splotchy face. Also since his face is lit from a flash it seemed to me that the cooler colors were more centered and the warmer tones further to the outside instead of the other way around. Am I off there?

Still learning tons from all the critiques and lessons. You guys do amazing stuff.

Bruce Willis Painting

Here's my 'final'. Not really finished but I'm out of time, I'll have to finish it off at a later date. I used the direct painting method, with red-orange, green and blue as my split complementary palette. Let me know what you think.

Bruce Willis caricature by Dan Johnson


Yippie Kai-yay!

I think I have this to a good stopping place. There are a few areas which I think could be refined a bit further but I am pleased with what I have. I had real trouble exagerrating BW here without losing a likeness, so this is quite portrait-y. I want to push the hell out of my next drawings to try and go crazy with exagerration. This face didn't lend itself to caricature easily. I went for the second painting technique, skipping the value painting and going right for color.
My pallette was red orange as the dominant, with blue and green splits. I tried to capture the softer side of Bruce; we all have our masculine and feminine natures, and he is such a macho macho man that I thought setting him across pastel pink and blue would be fun.
Bruce Willis in Paint Hard with a Tight Deadline

Well here's my final! With more time I may have changed quite a few things, but had to work up what I've got!!!

I appreciate the tips on my previous post - definitely some food for thought!

I'm really excited by what I've seen - everyone seems to have really got into gear and shown something of their own style in their work - very cool to see.

Tim Burton Painting Demo

Speaking of painting with a Split-Complementary Palette.

Click Here.

Bruce Willis - Split Complementary

Here's my finished Bruce Willis caricature...oh who am I kidding...I'll probably nitpick this to death before tomorrow morning's deadline. But for the most part, this is done.

The photo reference that Jason supplied wasn't grabbing me, so I asked him if I could use others I found on the net. He said that as long as I submitted the reference photos along with the finished piece, that it would be fine.

I enjoyed this one. Put a lot of time into it, but learned a lot in the process. I used the first painting method that Jason taught in Lesson 5.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Final Bruce Shading

I could keep working on the shading for a few more days, but I think I have to go to color now. I'm a little nervous about the coloring, expecially with the limited colors.

Bobby Chiu - Week 2

Here is my second assignment. Did it quite in a hurry unfortunately. But managed to learn the technique. 

Happy Easter !!!

A little something for my Easter card of this year... Enjoy!
Chantale :)

Bobby Chiu - Week 1

The same here, I could not resist to try out that week his technique of visualizing through darkness. Because a year back I left unfinished some light beings concepts, unsatisfied with my technique. I started Photoshop a year back. I almost lost hope to finish those black and white concepts when here came the life saving Bobby's lesson 1! And very easy in 2 days during the lesson I did a new one from linework to final finish. It is too dark, but at least I could visualize it so much easier and faster! The character in the center is after the lesson, the 2 at the sides are before it.

I also ned to say I really like what you guys do at the caricature class! Very curious to see more.