Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jones...Dr. Jones.

Harrison Ford...and the final concept will be Indiana Jones. Real shocker there, I know.
Busy busy week, personally and professionally, and didn't get to devote as much to these as I would have liked. I spent four or five hours on the third likeness on Friday and it just never came together...couldn't get it to look like him. I probably chose the wrong reference photo for that one or just couldn't see what I needed to, so I only handed in two.

I noticed this morning that I have no detail whatsoever in the left caricature's neck. DOH! The final image will likely be a blend of these two, as the left one has the age I was looking for, but the right one a little more of the expression I wanted, but too Han Solo-ish on it's own, I think.

Not looking forward to Jason's critique on this. :)


Tim Bye said...

I think these are great - particularly the left one! I don't think theyr'e supposed to be over detailed - as we'll be painting over (& possibly touching up) anyway! Good choice of possible scenarios too!!!

Bobby Chiu said...

I like the one on the left! Can't wait to see the movie!

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Thanks, fellas!

The one on the left does seem to be the general consensus, and it's my personal favorite. That's likely the one I'll be going with.

By the way, Bobby...sent you a couple of emails in the past month and I don't think they're getting through. Should see you and Silver at the Calgary Expo in April.

soesoeky said...

Hi Patrick,

Love the left one. Nailed that one very nicely, especially his expression. Really looking forward to see your scenario sketches!

Mark Sinclair said...

Nice job Patrick! I agree with the consensus - I like em both but there's "something" in that first sketch - his grin and teh weight I think...nice choice!