Thursday, March 13, 2008

okay so here is my bruce after tweaking. This is the version I ended up submitting so I hope it is better than my last post :p Everyone has done SUCH an amazing job, it has been great to see everyone develop and grow. This is so the future of education and we are part of it . . . *tears up*


Patrick LaMontagne said...

Very nice, Kelly. Love the jacket!

You're absolutely right about this being the future of education. I never went to art school because, at the time, I wasn't an artist and didn't want to be when I was in college. Now that I'm older and want to, I can still work full-time AND take art classes without having to choose.

Tim Bye said...

I agree. I've been to college & university, & whilst you're set lots of work you're not always taught a lot. In a few weeks here I've learn't tons - and enjoyed it!

Mark Sinclair said...

Yeah awesome Kelly...I like the changes you made. I think you nailed the likeness with the minor tweaking you did.