Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bruce Willis in Paint Hard with a Tight Deadline

Well here's my final! With more time I may have changed quite a few things, but had to work up what I've got!!!

I appreciate the tips on my previous post - definitely some food for thought!

I'm really excited by what I've seen - everyone seems to have really got into gear and shown something of their own style in their work - very cool to see.


Kelly Toon said...

excellent details and rendering. The forehead lines are throwing me, they lok a bit severe compared to the delicacy of the rest of the face. I think we used similar palletes, I like what you did with the vibrant background colors.

Mark Sinclair said...

COOL...I'm getting a "Lucien Freud" feeling form this painting. Nice style.

Mike Hasson, About Faces said...

Not crazy about the likeness, and the unfinished quality of the jacket in comparison with the face is a bit jarring...but the rendering and colors are beautiful. Really well done.

Tim Bye said...

Thanks guys! Yeah I think I lost the likeness along the way on this one, and somewhat overdid the forehead! I learn't a lot by doing it though - and that's what counts right!