Monday, March 3, 2008

Lesson Four

Wow, this feels like our first "real assignment" in a way, with all the work involved and a finished product from everyone. I've been enjoying checking the blog to see everyone's assignment, and was looking forward to posting my own.

I was very skeptical of taking a course online, however, this class has proven me wrong. Jason Seiler is rare-- he's not only talented, but open and patient enough to teach. The critiques are insightful and arguably as good a learning opportunity as the lessons themselves.

As far as this painting, this guy has got to be Jason's little brother, right?? He just looks like the perfect annoying little brother in this photo. This was very rewarding for me, and although it filled my days for the past two weeks, I feel like there's no way I could have done this just a few weeks ago. Thanks again Jason!
I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone's, lets get them all up here!
Jon Casey


Jon Casey Art Caricatures said...

hahah, just read this is Jason-
sorry for the "annoying little brother" remark...ehhh.....

Mark Sinclair said...

haha yup! It is Jason! You better bring an apple to class! Nice work Jon! I agree with ya - these 2 weeks have been work filled - my wife is not happy with Jason! lol....