Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week 4 - Working with textures (part 2)

Week 4 - Working with Textures (part 2)

I had trouble with the rocks, I just couldn't get them to seem like they fit - they either ended up too photographic, or too painterly. I think if I would have spent more time placing the texture, it would have integrated better. Overall I like the effects that came out of this lesson though.

Off to start the next lesson!

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Alex Constantin "John Marimoto" said...

I like the effects too. Ok, so the rocks were somethin. I think also that when taking the time to place a rock texture better, or more, all is easier. In my case also in the beginning it was all too photographic. The texture for the ground does not seem right in the perspective. I chose a different one from CGtextures.com just to try for myself to make a satisfying perspective thing and in the end I let it like that. Yours goes a little bit too much up, like it would be a hill you know... Anyway, You did good man:) Is good you post yours too.