Friday, April 25, 2008

Painting art blog

Hey team schoolism-
Along with practicing the art of caricature, and taking Jason Seiler's wonderful class, I also paint in a more contemporary fine art vein (you know, the kind that doesnt pay at all). Maybe some of you are into that as well? If so, check out my blog-

Jon Casey Clary


Steve Harpster said...

Hey Jon, I like the colors of your painting. The darkness of the tree surrounded by the cool pastel colors has a great feeling to it.
I think the large pink flower on the viewers left is taking away from the focal point of the picture.

Fareeda Haider said...

Hi Jon ..

I love the mood of your painting .. It feels like a window that attracts you to another world .. Magical :) Nice Art .. Keep it up :)

NoriNori said...

Yeah the technique is great!! The way it's integrated with the colours is superb

Asier said...

Nice Stuff Jon!!