Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bend it in Black and White

Hope everyone recognises who this is - I can't believe how different a caricature looks from sketch to final painting! Unlike my first colour assignment, I've been inspired by everyone else to do the wash colour method, so here is my black and white version.

After a pretty rough couple of weeks I'm gonna be trying to fly home on fire! Looking forward in hearing everyone's thoughts before I begin the colour.


Steve Harpster said...

That is sweet. I'm glad you decided not to add the stadium. I think this is really strong on it's own. Looks freak'n awesome.

Good luck with the color version.

Jason Seiler said...

Nori, I am very proud to be your instructor, you've come a long way and this last piece is looking so good . . . very professional . . . wonderful job buddy!

Patrick LaMontagne said...

This is really cool. Instantly recognizable. Love the composition.

Mark Sinclair said...

Wow Nori - this is awesome so far... I agree with Jason this is your strongest piece so far...awesome work man!

Jon Casey said...

Really cool job on this one. I love the tone of the piece, it has an intensity and edge that is a lot different from what you normally see from a caricature.
Keep in touch, I will look forward to seeing your future work, as great as this one is!