Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Indy Progress

Some more detail on the face but it isn't finished yet. While the reference photos I used don't have stubble, Indy usually does, so I'll add that in when I'm happy with everything else. Still want to do some more skin texturing as well.

Finished the initial body sketch yesterday, didn't take too long. The sketch was done on paper and scanned in. I put the scan on it's own layer, lowered the opacity to about 10% and drew over it with a pencil brush on another layer, cleaning up the anatomy a little.

I copied the head rendering over and placed it on the body, then cut the head and collar from the neck and scaled it down to make a better transition between the larger head and the smaller body. I'll now paint the body in using the head and the reference photo I took as a values guideline.

I'll add the whip to his right hand after everything else is done. To get a nice curve, I'll do the majority of that with a stroked path on it's own layer and then put details in on the whip.

Working image size is 11" X 15" at 300 ppi.

Ahem...let's see some more posts, people! :)


Tim Bye said...

Looking good Patrick!

Doug said...

That's awesome. The face is technically great and the concept is cool too. Great work.

Gloria said...

Don't forget his noticeable lip scar. Very nice work.

Gloria said...

Sorry, it's a chin scar and you have it! Can't keep track of the scars.

fatjester said...

Wow, really looking forward to seeing this one completed!
Great job!

Steve Harpster said...

This looks awesome. It reminds me of the illustrations you would find in one of my favorite magazines of all time, MAD. I love when they do the movie parodies and this just has that look. Great stuff! You just need a funny name to go with it now. Indianapolis Joned and the Lat Cool Aid! OK I'm not a joke writer.