Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What do you guys think about this? Please try to ignore the roughness, but the smaller eyes and forehead help, or hurt?
I think with just a bit of help ill be ready to get to the next step, thanks to anyone who can spare a minute!


Tim Bye said...

I like this Jon - the small forehead & eyes are funny - but I think Will has quite a large forehead. Could you keep the small eyes but make the forehead bigger? Either way this is looking great - you'll have a nice painting from this!

NoriNori said...

I'm in a glass caaaaaaase of emmmmmootion!!!""

(oh sorry sorry just had to do it)

Heya Jon, coming along nicely. I agree with Tim that I see more of a larger forhead. I guess the hard part is that Ferrel does seem to have a large mouth, but particularly in this reference it doesn't seem quite right. He's got quite small, compact eyes and then abit of a distance through the nose? That's my very very quick overview! Good Luck!!1

Jon Casey said...

Nori- hah, thanks for the youtube link. God this guys funny.
I appreciate the help, I decided to scrap this sketch and drew a different version, but I think that working on the one and your help led to what I have now, which is a better likeness.
We should all post these up for sure!

Steve Harpster said...

I feel your pain. I tried to draw Will Ferrel myself and found him really tough. The thing that makes Ferrel funny is how common his features are. He doesn't have a crazy look lik Jim Carey or Rodney Dangerfield. His craziness is his subtleness in his mannerisms.

Right now his hair is a bit too big and his eyes might be too close together. He does have small eyes and they kind of curl up on the ends. Also you might have to much chin and not enough forehead.

Good luck,

Eli said...

Well, everyone else already expressed my thoughts, that Ferrel is hard to caricature because of his everyman features but that maybe you should go with bigger forehead/smaller chin...

Still looks good though, better than I could pull off for sure.