Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My final at last

I finally got around to finishing this, I made quite a lot of changes in the end, but pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's already been said a lot, but this course was amazing, and I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's progress. I'll look forward to seeing where we all take it from here.

Howard and Vince from the Mighty Boosh
(click to enlarge)


Steve Harpster said...

That shirt had to be fun to work on.
Looks good, are you going to send it to them to see if they use it?

Tim Bye said...

Looks great Dan! You've totally nailed the liknessess - definitely the boosh!

NoriNori said...

Hahaha it's great Dan ! congrats

Jon said...

man, i have no idea who these guys are. Do you know who Will Oldham is? Maybe we should stick to the tom hanks and oprahs, but dude this painting kicks ass.