Monday, May 19, 2008

Caricature: Week 1 Studies (Suzane & Chris)

Hi all,

I thought I'd go ahead and follow Brett and Dan's lead here. These are two of the bigger versions of the 5 citizens that we had to sketch thumbnails of. The main point was to do quick proportion and exaggeration studies. I think these two sketches of Suzane and Chris turned out pretty funny. I have a side view study of Chris that I'll probably finish up sometime later. Looking really GREAT so far everyone!


idragosani said...

Nicely done! Chris is really funny. Suzanne is good, too. I like your line work. Were these done with a digital pen or "analog"?

Craig Newby said...

Hi thanks!

These were done in Photoshop the way Jason showed us in the lesson 1 vid. You can’t see the brush strokes in these too well, but the originals were done at 300 dpi and about 8x8 ½ inches. I like using just a pencil or pen on paper, but I’m really starting to like this way of sketching MUCH BETTER. And great work using your new Wacom!