Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Been so busy with editorial cartooning, haven't made the time to work on caricature. Thought I'd better change that, so here's a rough rendering of Oprah. This will be full color when completed, hopefully by the end of the weekend. This ended up being an amalgamation of about three different references.

You'll notice I took Jason's lead (from his blog postings) to put a copyright notice on the image. More artists seem to be doing this, likely due to the pending Orphan Works Bill. Whether the threat is real or not, never hurts to slap a copyright on Internet stuff, I guess.

As always, critiques are welcome.

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Jon Casey said...

hey patrick- cool to see more stuff from you after the knockout indy.

I did a few oprah sketches myself recently, i feel like its a good portfolio choice. She's recognized worldwide, and she's not going anywhere out of the spotlight!

lets see it done soon!