Thursday, May 22, 2008

Caricature - Week 3

Here's my week 3 rendering of the famous Gary (he should be famous by now with so many people painting him)

I had a lot of fun seeing this image come to life.
I'm way to far behind though, I'm really glad we have two weeks for the next one.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next!


idragosani said...

Nice work! It was a fun assignment and I itching to get started on the the next one.

arquebus said...

Really good, I see you have good control of the PS paintbrush. I have such a hard time trying to get shades to blend on top of other shades that it just ends up looking chalky and bad. I hope most of the class isnt this good or Im going to feel really dumb.

idragosani said...

The technique I use for blending is to make lots of use of the I and B shortcut keys -- it's the eye dropper tool. So when you are blending, you get down your two basic tones next to each other, then eye drop a tone right in the middle, use B to go back to brush mode, put new tone down, eye drop more local tones, blend, eye drop more local tone. So you are basically toggling between I and B keys to get color and then blend it in.

Also good to turn opacity and flow down, gives you a bit more control over how 'thick' your digital paint is going to be.

Doug said...

If you push the option (alt) key while on the brush tool, it will "hold" the eye dropper as you have the key down then switch back to the brush when you let go. This is a lot faster than switching from I and B. When I found this out it blew me away.

idragosani said...

Oh, cool, thanks for the tip! You have just increased my production by 50%

Nelson said...

Very nice work!!
This assignment was the best!
Everybody is presenting a excellent works so far!
Congratulations again!

fatjester said...

Thanks for the comments!
I also make very frequent use of the alt key eyedropper to pick shades, and I try to really control the pen pressure (with Jason's brush settings you can really lightly press to get subtle changes).

Also, I am just coming off of Bobby's painting course, so his lessons really compliment Jason's technique.