Monday, May 26, 2008

Beardman progression

Here's my progression so far of the Beardman. The thumbnails are the same as I posted earlier. I added emphasis on what was going on after the thumbnails. I really liked how #1 turned out and almost started fleshing that out to paint but something was bothering me. I didn't really like how his face was kind of tall and skinny and pinched in. It was more straight than I wanted. Then I sketched out a side view and I liked it but I'm really set on doing a 3/4. In doing the side though, I realized how angled his face was so I tried to push that and sketched #3. I started to see how it could be angled even more so I pushed it further in #4 and even started out drawing inside a rhombus like the one you see there. I also liked how his face was giving off a "stair step" effect so I tried to incorporate that into the caricature. I sketched on top of #4 to get the final sketch on the right. There are still a few issues I need to work on. Also, the more I try to get it to look like the actual person, the more it leaves caricature and goes into portraiture. I still like it more than #1 though which I almost settled on.


arquebus said...

I wouldnt worry too much about being portraity. You might as well do what I did and play it safe by going portraity than doing an exagerated character and lose all likeness.

I do think youve aged the person. Part of it might be your sketch lines that make the face look more angular rather than smooth and rounded as a young person would be. Also you should make the nostril fuller and the nose less pointed. I think the hair in front of the mustache is just scruff and not part of the face hair.

idragosani said...

It is on the portraity side, but still looking pretty awesome -- great structure!

I'm doing the beardman also. And have been drawing and drawing and drawing different versions of him until I get one I like and will (hopefully) start in the final tonight. I am taking advantage of the extra time we have.

Doug said...

Thank you for the comments. I'll definitely make the skin smoother in the painting portion to make him look younger. I'll also try and mess around with the nose a bit. Thanks again.

Tim Bye said...

What you're doing with shapes is cool - if you think of the face as a shape / shapes it is easier to exaggerate!