Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eva Longoria sketch (with video)

I usually draw men, purely because they're easier! So I've decided to try and alternate between men and women to get more practice, and so I get to stare at photos of beautiful women for hours on end, without that guilty feeling. So here's the first, Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame. I also recorded the process, which you can see below. I'm always reluctant to record my sketching because I worry that it won't turn out well, but I guess I can always delete the video if I don't like it. Let me know if you enjoy this one, and I'll do more.

Eva Longoria Caricature

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richard said...

Excellent, looks really good. I find it difficult to draw attractive women without reverting to a cutesy stereotype.You've got this caricature spot on. If you have a Marilyn Monroe I'd be glad to see it,as I'm finding her harder than I anticipated, only don't make it look better than mine,because I haven't had the critique yet!