Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Assignment 5: Bruce

It took me a while to finish Mr. Bruce's coat (whew), but I think it turned out pretty OK.

Everyone is doing some really great work here!


arquebus said...

that sort of looks like you used the photoshop liquify filter on the photo, but on close inspection I see you really did paint yourself, really good, youre really getting the colors down on this one

richard said...

Fantastic. You have a great caricature and the colors are just right. I went for a bigger mouth in my version, I think the smaller one is just as effective -who knows? It was definitely worth the effort in the jacket- great job.

dan said...

Excellent paint job! Really nice work.

judd said...

wow, thats awesome! Great paint job and really cool caricature!

Craig Newby said...
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Craig Newby said...

Hey thanks for the good comments!

I was part way through the direct painting method, and had to drop it. That would have taken me FOREVER AND EVER to finish. hehe I think it would have turned out looking a lot more interesting. I'm still not the best at that technique. I need to set up my blog, and maybe post some process pics someday.

I still can't believe how well the colors came out! I really do like the more painterly look just because it really does look a lot more stylized. SO tired of Bruce right now. I think one day I'll be brave enough to tackle the other Bruce. Haha

Dan & Judd:
Thanks a lot!

idragosani said...

Hilarious! And nice paint job!

Dimebag said...

This rocks!