Saturday, June 7, 2008


Finally managed to get registered and post some stuff... I'm still struggling quite a bit with my sketches... Any feedback is welcome and highly appreciated!

This course is really awesome and I'm loving every minute of it!


arquebus said...

I dont know how you can say you are struggling with your sketches, the eye area looks so lifelike that it makes the exageration all that much funnier. You made the suit look crisply ironed. Overall I cant see how you can do much better.

judd said...

wow, thanks for the kind words! The painting came out a lot nicer than the sketch, so I guess I just meant I would have really have liked to have gotten more things right in the sketch and not have had to fix so many things in the painting.

Thanks again!

idragosani said...

Wow, that's looking great!

richard said...

Looks terrific,you have a good caricature and the flesh tones look well balanced, which is what I'm struggling with at the moment.Great work

Craig Newby said...

I love how he looks like just a giant head with ears. Great job!