Monday, June 2, 2008

kathy finished

As you can see Ive gone full portraity, and didnt try to exagerate at all. I thought it was more important to show that Im in control of values rather than ruin the picture by trying to do values that arent really there. Im working on doing thumbnails and hopefully by the end of the course I will get some exagerated caricatures in.


richard said...

You have the values spot on. I found this character hardest to caricature, she already is a caricature!

Craig Newby said...


Great job on the values so far!

I did the same Kathy, and I agree with Richard 100% on this one. The 3/4 head was the hardest view to caricature.

Craig Newby said...

Just one tiny crit. Maybe lighten up the cheek lines a little bit. It's kind of a picky thing, but just thought I'd throw that one out.

idragosani said...

Nice paint job. Your work is really coming along well.