Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lesson 7 - Final project part 1: Dio

As part of our final project, this week we are doing sketches of a celebrity who will be put into a scenario next week and ultimately painted. So my celebrity is legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio. He's a skinny creepy old guy now, in his 60s, but still performing, and I daresay he's a still got the lungs for it!

So here are some of the thumbnails I have been scribbling out.

When he performs the Black Sabbath "Heaven and Hell", there's one part where he's lit from below with an evil red light, and the bottom right thumb is kind in that direction. Of course, the full body picture for the final scenario will have him doing his famous horns sign with his hands.


Craig Newby said...

Looking VERY interesting. The lighting seems like it's really going to make this one a little different. Different is good, though!

arquebus said...

Dio is cool, I saw a short interview of him a while back, and he is definately a intelligent and articulate person. I dont think he has got skinny/creepy in his old age, I think he looks more calm and wiser, definately not a old codger. It looks like the reference pics you used were from his younger days when he did look a little more creepy. All your drawings are very different, but all capture his persona.

idragosani said...

Thanks! I picked pictures from all of his eras (I think the one of him belting out his song is from the recent Heaven and Hell tour).

He's quite a gnome of a little man, though. And I mean creepy in a good way, not all shaky and stuttery and foul mouthed like Ozzy is. :-)