Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Al Gore warm up sketch!

I'm trying to learn how to use Painter X . . . I've never used it before and I'm finding it a new beast if you will. A lot for me to figure out. I started this sketch off in Painter, first using a color pencil, and then blocking in with various oil and acrylic brushes. It wasn't quite looking the way I wanted, so I took it into PS and finished it off . . . just a sketch, or study . . . all in all took me about an hour and a half.


arquebus said...

Ive heard painter is just for doing more painterly type stuff, its not an all out replacement for photoshop. Another paint app you should try is ZBrush.

Im really surprised you cant run painter on an iMac since iMacs have pretty high specs, must be an OS or driver issue.

Doug said...

I've only used Painter since getting a Wacom and started Photoshop in this class. I really like Painter and am anxious to get back into it when the class is over to apply what I've learned from class to that app. I can say that I'm really surprised at how much I'm liking Photoshop though. I never understood why people would say that they wouldn't want one without the other but now I do. Sketching is so much better in Photoshop while mixing colors and painting is better in Painter to me.

richard said...

This is brilliant, I'm amazed you can paint so quickly.
I'm going to try some different programs when this class is finished just for fun, I'm still wrestling with photoshop.