Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I know it's a bit late.
I had some problems
and had to spend a time off on a work travel.
I'm posting this here so I can have a good feedback from you guys.
I like this final Bruce Willis but I would appreciate a lot if some of you could
give some good and priceless advice!


arquebus said...

Good job exaggerating, too bad you didnt make that in time for when we were doing Bruce. Bruce is really hard to exaggerate. I would play around a little more with the chin just to see if you can do anything more than just really tiny.

idragosani said...

Pretty good! I think the mouth and chin are a little too small, but overall, quite good. Looks like you painted this on canvas, too?

Nelson said...

no no.
Since it's not I assignment work anymore
I used a canvas texture just to make it look more tradicional.
Thanks a lot for the critiques!