Monday, July 14, 2008

The Dude

I eventually would like to put a rug under him. I wanted him in a Thai Chi pose and flying on his rug. I don't really like his mint green robe. It was working for his jacket in the headshot but it's too much here. Hands are definitely a weakness and something I'll be working on a lot in the near future. I really enjoyed the class and will definitely keep posting.


richard said...

looks great, the hands look good to me. I love the pose.
I'm trying to set up the additional blog which you said you might post on ,which would be great to keep in touch.

arquebus said...

Its really excellent. One thing I noticed on the critique is you used a reference photo that was looking down on the body, but your painting is head on, so the feet and legs look a little weird in how they change angle. Once you get the painting of the body to match the face it will be outstanding.

Richard- good to hear about the blog. Maybe it will be possible for Jason to put a link to it on this official blog.

arquebus said...

I wanted to mention also that the folds of the robe dont look right, they look more like patches. Again its probably because of weird angled reference.

Doug said...

Thank you for the comments and critiques. I think the critiques are spot on. The pose was very hard to get. I actually did another photo with more accurate lighting that was different than my last critique. It was still hard to match all the angles and everything. You would be surprised how hard it is to hold that postition. My friend tried to no avail (after too many caucasions himself) so I ended up having to hold the pose while he took the picture. Not the most ideal situation. I think I made the mistake early of picking my sketch because it was the one I liked the best, then having to match the lighting and pose to that. I should have kept the concept in mind at the beginning and then searched out (and made) references based on that. I kind of felt pidgeon holed to the lighting scheme and angle of the reference from the movie. I definitely know what not to do next time. Thanks again.

sexy said...