Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hello all!

Evening all, I can see great enthusiasm here!

I'm Silver Saaremäel. I just finished Bobby's digital painting and the course was great for me, who has been all self-taught this far. It covered alot of basic stuff that are essential for good picturemaking. Obviously it also included alot the advanced stuff that can get anyone's head messed up :)

Anyhoo, thanks Bobby for the great course and teaching me this far, it was a great way to get that extra 10+ hours of painting into my weekly schedule!

Anyways, here's a few new pictures I've made recently, other is pretty much tribute to the whole digital painting class we just completed, using alot of the workflow Bobby tried to teach us :)



Piya said...

Really nice stuff dude!!! Lovely and subtle shading on the Iron Giant's brother.

Yaxin said...

impressive the one with the robot

Bobby Chiu said...

2 beautiful pieces! Of course my favorite would be the 2nd one hahaha... great humor and I love the subtle elements that make me think of our last assignment.

Jeff White said...

I love the robot guard... reminds me of a restricted area closed off to the public back home on Long Island. Great shading and lighting and execution!!!

Sept13 said...

Thanks everyone, your support really means to me! :)

Aaron said...

dude both of these rock!