Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gary Painting

Jason is encouraging us to post our work on this blog, so here is my Gary painting, based on the sketch Seiler provided.

This is before the critique. Jason's critique was ( as usual ) right on the money. The largest criticism on this one was that I made some of the values too dark..and that the darks were a little too dark in general. I have to agree with that, because after he painted over it, I saw exactly what he meant. I'm still fairly pleased with this one, but as with any work, there is always room for improvement...and I'll hate it next week. :)

One of the things I love about this course is looking at everyone else's critiques as well. What a treat, because I've learned as much from the work of the other students as I have from my own.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, your painting of citizen gary turned out real good. I like it! It's great to see all the classmates do a value painting on the basis of the same sketch.

Jason Seiler said...

Great Job Patrick!

Tim Bye said...

Hey great work Patrick! I struggled a bit with this assignment so it's been really helpful to see how others approached it - awesome!

Jeff White said...

That's really good, Patrick... I took Bobby Chiu's course and it looks like you're having as much fun in Jason Seiler's class as I did in Bobby's!!!

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Thanks folks. Let's see some MORE posts. C'mon, get yer work up on here. :)

Jeff: I am having a lot of fun, and it's making me want to take the other schoolism courses as well. In my line of work, I think I'll benefit from Stephen Silver's course first, and then I'm planning on taking Bobby's. But eventually, I'll get around to all of them, hopefully.

Mara Price said...

Great painting.
I took Bobby Chiu's class and It was a great experience. I learn a lot from the other student work as well.
Keep up the good work.