Monday, January 14, 2008

I'll Go First.

Hey all,

I have been doing art for Video Games for 8 years now, mostly as a 3d artist. 2 Years ago I decided to go freelance and had decided that illustration was more interesting to me than 3d art. The problem was that the quality of work that I was used to seeing and wanted to do I was going to have to learn on my own.

I have 2 kids - 1 and 3 - and no longer have the ability to work on a piece for 12 hours straight, nor is it appropriate for me to leave them alone while I join local sketchgroups. I needed to figure out how to do the work that I wanted in a shorter amount of time. I had seen a lot of different classes but they were all for beginners and didn't offer what I would consider "techniques" to help a person who already has a career but needs some pointers.

This class was great as a way for me to catch up on the digital power of photoshop and has helped me to refine my process. I am very close to getting the look in my work that I want and its getting faster all the time. Bobby's techniques are in the back of my mind consistantly. Unfortunately working on Video games makes it so I can't show you the new stuff for a while. Its all hush hush. But I can show you this acrylic painting I did a month back.

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Esther said...

I love the clowns. But the thing that I most love about this picture is the color selection of cools and few warms. I love the composition!

ps. I hope I can work on video games after college too!!