Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello to all you out there, my name is Aaron and I am currently in Bobby Chiu's digital painting class (which rocks!). Anyway this is an assignment for the other school that I go to (UVSC) and wanted some input on it so please feel free to critique it, actually please critique it! thanks and have a great day!


Piya said...

Hmmm...the lighting on Mom forms a bit of a straight line. Maybe a bit more lighting on the hair and shoulders? And as for Big Green Horrible Mecha From Hell (BGHMFH...I like it!!), maybe the blue, organic parts can be slimy and gross and veiny, while the metal can be rusty and flaky. Hope that helps!!

celso Ds... said...

I looked at its blog and vi much spectacular, splendid thing a great one I hug.

I used a translator I wait that he understands what I wrote :)