Thursday, December 25, 2008

Classes open for registration (Dec 25/08), and a digital painting videocast. updates:
Online classes open for Registration...
Jan 05 - Character Design by Silver
Jan 23 - The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler
Feb 16 - Digital Painting Techniques with Bobby Chiu
Feb 20 - Building a Powerful Comic Book Portfolio with Alvin Lee

Jan 26 - Storyboarding with Kris Pearn - FULL

Also here's a new videocast

This one is about random thoughts and things I think help to make a successful artist.

Topics for this video is creating your own luck, recognizing the important moments in your life and other topics...

Here's the finished sketch. The painting took an hour and 40 minutes but was sped up to match the audio.


Anonymous said...

Great Illustration man! I also enjoyed the podcast, very inspiring :) Thank you. I think I am going to take your digital painting class in the summer now, I love your brushes and painting technique!

pablo pablo said...

Great jobs!
Happy new year!

Stephen Silver said...

well said! two of my favorite sayings are:
The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.
And excellence is never granted to man, but only as the reward of labor.

Mimi Cortazar said...

Awesome illustration and great tutorial :)

Marco Crupi said...

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TURCIOS. said...

fantástica caricatura! un abrazo

An said...

good jobs, veri good jobs

L. D. Adonis said...

I am new to the world of digital painting. Doing a few of them myself. And Bobby's blogs/ webisodes have been VERY helpful.

Like most artists, I thought I could tackle digital painting like brush on a canvas; and even thought being classically trained HELPS: you need to be RE-TRAINED when it comes to this new medium.

I have Don Seegmiller's and other books on the subject, chatted with friends, colleagues, etc and the main thing is to PRACTICE, play around and have FUN.

You may find a new technique suited to your style.

José said...


The dimensional look is outstanding and the used palette sure contributes to a unified and well balanced portrait.

Kind regards,


Darren Jackson said...

god I love that skin texture, wanna eat it in a sandwich. Ham skin, yummy!