Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bobby Chiu - Week 8

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since my last post. As usual I post my assignments. For best or the worst. Week 8 was done in time. 

But the final assignment I have to say I can't manage to make it. For those who might find this strange and for me to get a clear image, I would add a note why it's not working. First of all, it's not working at the moment. So I might add it at a later moment when the time for me will be right. In the last month there were some important changes in my life; also artistically, professionally etc. Very positive ones. But somehow at the moment it is simply not working for me to complete this assignment. The lesson is great by the way, simply the artist in me can't go the same direction as the lesson wants. So I decided not to force it and let it rest for a while. Can't say more. It is all very subjective.

So good luck all of you, and hope get some comments and critics when that assignment will be done ( I hope to get it done, ... somehow I am not feeling comfortable not finishing things.)


Craig Newby said...

This is looking great! The textures on the rocks and the cactus are just enough to make a difference. AND I just got the joke in the comic bubble. HeHe.

Good luck with everything, and Welcome Back!


Thank you very much Craig:)