Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bobby Chiu - Weeks 5, 6 and 7

Long time since my last post. Got to say I am very impressed by the work posted meanwhile! Beautiful stuff guys!
Now my work, beginning from top to bottom.
1- week 7 - color sketching - to be continued later on. 
2- The forest version - not sure at all how this will evolve.
3 - week 6 - Hair brushes
4 -  week 5 - as I said I finished the drawing - the face - using Bobby's advices also.

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Fareeda Haider said...

Hi :)

Well done :) you have done a great job, I took Bobby’s class last January, truly enjoyed it and learned a great deal :) I can see that you have mastered the smudge technique :) the hair (costume brushes) is done creatively too :) Assignment number 7 is rendered very well and from the previous assignments one can tell that they will come out perfect :) Looking forward to see how the forest version will look once done :) Keep it up and good luck :)