Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bobby Chiu - Week 5

It took 5 hours. Did it in the last day and sent at 11:00... So the face is not finished and the background is not want I wanted to do, but, there was no time. What a pity I could not work more on it! While working I got lost in the possibilities and experiments; I must say it is such a valuable technique especially combined with the other ones. Because I was such in a hurry, I forgot to flip it back; I realized that just too late. Anyway, I think I am going to finish it the way I felt doing it, (more smudge and stuff), and I will post it with my next assignment:) - PS: please feel free to drop your WORST critics on my work because I am always very interested in that!!

Like FatJester I will be here for quite a while because I took character design and storyboarding too. I need to say also that I have a serious problem with my internet connection and I hope it will be solved for good this week.


fatjester said...

Very nice!
I like how you're taking the course a couple steps farther.

Good luck with the other courses!

Alex Constantin "John Marimoto" said...

I am so curious about those courses by the way!