Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 3 - Working with Textures

Week 3 - Working with Textures

Week 3 is here, and a brand new technique learned! I had honestly never heard of this technique for painting with textures before, and I have worked with photoshop for a long time. I did misstep in the process and had to start over, but I love the results!

Thanks to all for the kind words, and all the outstanding art! I love seeing everything that's coming out of this group!


Alex Constantin "John Marimoto" said...

I don't think it is such a problem with the folds. It is more the lightning that I see it as the first problem. To me the style in which you render the folds has no importance. Yours look quite sculptural and is really ok to me. But when I look at it I don't really feel the light is coming from one direction. Is vague. So I kind of feel flat about the volume of the creature. That can be disturbing. I am going to add a new image of how I visualized the light.

Tim Bye said...

Great work!

fatjester said...

Thanks Alex, I see what you mean about the light source, it does have have an overall inconsistency to it.

I tried to keep a point of origin in mind but it's tough watching Bobby and trying to absorb what he's saying and doing, and continue to think about basic art principles overall all at the same time.