Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bobby Chiu - Week 1

The same here, I could not resist to try out that week his technique of visualizing through darkness. Because a year back I left unfinished some light beings concepts, unsatisfied with my technique. I started Photoshop a year back. I almost lost hope to finish those black and white concepts when here came the life saving Bobby's lesson 1! And very easy in 2 days during the lesson I did a new one from linework to final finish. It is too dark, but at least I could visualize it so much easier and faster! The character in the center is after the lesson, the 2 at the sides are before it.

I also ned to say I really like what you guys do at the caricature class! Very curious to see more.



Jeff White said...

Nice work on the bodybuilder. Good form and smoothness... all that's needed now are some highlights from a single lightsource to "pop" him out more! You'll have a lot of fun in that class!!!

fatjester said...

I really like how the aliens are coming - it looks like you're picking up a lot with each one!

Alex Constantin "John Marimoto" said...